The future of Education?

Khan Academy Ever wanted to learn about Organic Chemistry and Markovnikov’s Rule and Carbocations; or are you up for a spot of Recreational mathematics, or perhaps never got around to calculus at college or Art History?

Well!….Khan Academy is a brilliant not for profit initiative founded by Salman Khan, bringing world class education to the world via the web, for FREE! Presenting these topics are a growing number of ‘coaches’ volunteering their time, in addition to translators getting busy translating lessons into a range of languages to help spread the knowledge.

The nature of how these lessons are delivered, is genuinely enthusiastic and with the use of colourful working sketches and impactful imagery, that great under-utilised technique of connecting both right and left sides of the brain in the ‘lesson’ has been well thought through.

The following vdeo tells you more about the nature of how it all works. Not only is it brilliant to educate people, for free….but there is an ability to track the lessons for the students and to achieve goals and rewards, further encouraging them to come back for more.

Yes, us human social folk, do indeed like belonging, rewards, badges and shiny things! Why not I say!! Have a look, learn something new, spread the word, donate and support this fantastic push to share knowledge and make the planet a better place for all, through education! Check them out at

Here is an example of one of the more ‘fun’ (less chewie) videos titled “Doodling in Math: Spirals, Fibonacci, and Being a Plant” Great stuff!

Khan Academy lesson


Khan Academy lesson


Khan Academy lesson


Khan Academy art lesson

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