Biological Advantage of Being Awestruck

Another epic Jason Silva mini doco titled “The biological advantage of being awestruck” puts a spotlight on the evolutionary benefits to us, as a species of being awestruck.

‘To marvel at our own existence’ does not only inspire us to move forward in a positive manner, but is of a physiological benefit to our bodies.

From a Stanford study, it has been found that exposure to ‘awe’ at regular intervals leads to an increase in empathy, compassion, increased feelings of altruism and general well being.

Jason gives a great example of the amazing awe we can access through the likes of the Hubble Telescope, as written by Ross Anderson. Allowing us to contemplate space and time of which is almost infinite, something so vast, through something as small as the retina of the human eye, is indeed staggering.

Gazing upon the Hubble deep field photo, allows us to ‘mainline’ the whole of time through the optic nerve. AMAZING!! & indeed awe inspiring!

Through enthusiastic narration, stunning footage and dynamic soundscape, Jason conveys a significant message, that we are part of this great awe inspiring cosmos and we should revel in awe as much as possible!

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Being Awestruck

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